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Thursday 27 March 2008 Everyday

Tomoko cooked our first trial of 'Japanese rice from Italy', together with millet, eaten with boiled Tofu and steamed vegitables with pickeled plum mayo source.  This Japanese rice coming from Italy is meaningfull for us, because otherwise we had Japanese rice from America or Japan, both far away to be transported.  We are glad that European grown Japanese rice is now available, it tastes good and less carbon footprint on our lunch.

Studio photo

Wednesday 26 March 2008 Everyday

We took photo of us today, for this new website.  This relaunch of our web site is an exciting thing for us - we all like our previous site, but it is time to be renewed.  We would thank Risa and Dan - Risa, graphic designer who designed appearance and Dan, programmer of this site, CP and database.  They both did a great job.

This picture below, is the one rejected for the official photo in the main web site.  We think this is good first post in this NEWS section.  Sunny moment of a cloudy day, and at least, we tidied up our studio.