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Vitra Design Workshop

Tuesday 29 July 2008 Seminar & Workshop

We had a fantastic week at Boisbuchet, France, where Vitra Design Museum Design Workshop is held.  14 participants from 9 countries had attended and worked on theme of Air Made Visible for 5 days. Results were calm, peaceful, playful and inspirational, as what the place provides us - and we enojoyed processes of works altogether.

This is a photo album from 6 days at Boisbuchet.

food in Boisbuchet

Thursday 24 July 2008 Everyday

We are eating healthy and happy everyday here, in Boisbuchet.

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Wednesday 2 July 2008 Press Latest

The Birds, Bats and Bees` auction was successful and our pieces fetched a significant sum to support activities of Adventure Ecology.  Good!

Through this campaign, we found it is very interesting how stories and images are found in web world - in a very short time.  These are some examples and there might be a lot more...

チャリティーオークションは成功のうちに終わり、わたしたちのスタジオもAdventure Ecologyの活動基金に貢献したようです。そして、ネット上ではイメージがあちこちで「見つけられて」います。おもしろい現象ですね。