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Recharge Table in Creative Island Ⅱ

Tuesday 24 November 2009 Press Latest

Spin Recharge Table for MARK is featured in a new book, Creative Island Ⅱ by John Sorrell.

The book is the second volume of its first title from 2002, featuring creativities of Britain from varietyt of angles.  The Spin Recharge is featured under 'Humanism' clause.

コーンウォールの会社MARKのためにデザインした「Spin Recharge Table」がジョン・ソレルの著書「Creative Island Ⅱ」で取り上げられました。この本は先行の「Creative Island」に続き、イギリス国内で発表されたさまざまなジャンルのデザインをいくつかの切り口で紹介しています。

Pumpkin Risotto

Sunday 22 November 2009 Everyday

Yasu is a risotto expert and this time was with Pumpkin.  We had two large ones from current veg box.  We ate it with Corn and Chard warm salad.


Committee gives a talk: 19 Nov. 5.30

Wednesday 18 November 2009 Seminar & Workshop

Harry Richardon of Committee is giving students a talk at London Metropolitan University on Thursday 19 Nov. 5.30 pm.

If anyone is interested, please do come and join us.  I run this series of seminar for BA and MA students, I book large lecture theatre and we normaly have plenty of seats available.

details and location are on: Design Research Seminar blog

To gain a smooth entrance, print out the flyer attached, and show it at the entrance security and tell them you are invited by the organiser.  The Lecture Theatre is on the first floor, left from the lift.

I plan another talk by Chris McCourt of Isokon Plus on 17 December, too.

日本でもシボネとのプロジェクトで知られているデザイナー2人のユニット Committee がLondon Metropolitan Universityで講義をします。彼らのクリエーションについて知りたい方はぜひ、ご参加ください。添付のポスターをプリント・アウトして1階のセキュリティーに「オーガナイザーの友人です」と言うと講堂の場所を教えてくれます。

Cauliflower Soup

Wednesday 11 November 2009 Everyday

Soup makes me very happy when you feel winter in the air.