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a book on Supreme Court UK

Wednesday 30 June 2010 Press Latest

A book on a project of the Supreme Court of United Kingdom was launched recently.  Together with the history of the building and renovation program, the furniture we designed is featured.


Some parts of the building are open to the public and you can also view hearings in the new court rooms.  Information is on the Supreme Court web site, if you click 'Visiting The Court'.

最高裁判所の中は見学できます。審議の様子を見る事も可能です。見学の詳細は最高裁のHPの 'Visiting The Court' をご参照ください。


Summer lunch

Wednesday 30 June 2010 Everyday

We have been enjoying internship Wilma's cooking since this April.  This is summer lunch with fried bean curd, carot and broad beans on rice.