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early summer lunch

Dezeentalks 3D

Tuesday 17 August 2010 Press Latest

At the end of jury of imm Design Awards and Design Talents Awards, Tomoko took part in a talk at Dezeentalk event in the imm Köln Furniture Fair in Germany, January 2010.  The movie from the event is on Dezeen now!

今年の1月にケルンの家具見本市にてimm Design Awardsの審査に参加し、その最後にDezeentalkというトークイベントに出ました。その様子がDezeenのオンライン記事にようやくアップされたようです。

mid-summer curry

Monday 2 August 2010 Everyday

We have been lucky to have internship who can cook well.  James's vegetable curry with rice.