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Twiggy and Little Woods for Europe

Friday 14 January 2011 Launch & Exhibition

Our two series for Maxray, Little Woods and Twiggy Lamp are finally ready for European market, and are shown at Sfera stand in Maison&Objet in the next week.

マックスレイのためにデザインしたLittle WoodsTwiggy Lampがヨーロッパ向けの許可を取得し、メゾン・エ・オブジェのスフェラのスタンドに登場します。

Maison&Objet: 21-25 January 2011
Sfera's stand location: now! design a vivre section / Hall 8, stand 143

Lab Craft at Plymouth College of Art

Monday 10 January 2011 Launch & Exhibition

Touring exhibition 'Lab Craft' has opened today at Polymouth College of Art.

プリマスカレッジ・オブ・アートにて巡回展『Lab Craft』がはじまりました。

Lab Craft is a showcase of digital adventure in contemporary craft. We are one of the exhibitors, as well as space / display unit designer.  Makers list in this show is on Lab Craft exhibition web site, the information and access of Plymoth College of Art is on their gallery website.  The show is on until 16 February at Plymouth.

わたしたちは展示スタンドの設計と展覧会スペースのデザインに参加し、また出展者の1グループでもあります。展示作品と出展者のリストはLab CraftのHPにて。ギャラリーの詳細はここをご参照ください。

Happy New Year 2011

Tuesday 4 January 2011 Everyday

We wish you a Happy New Year.


We will continue our journey to seek honest and evocative design in 2011.  Thank you all, in advance, for your support.