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Our prayers are with you

Wednesday 16 March 2011 Everyday

Japan is facing an ordeal after the earthquake.  We wish peace and comfort for the people in the stricken area as soon as possible.  We wish to send words of encouragement and support to the affected people and rescue teams.


To support rescue teams and NGO in the area, following list is for donations:

British Red Cross: donation on-line, by phone and post
: on-line donation
Architecture for Humanity: 'support Reconstruction in Sendai' appeal
apple: in your own iTune Store, go to American Red Cross
Aktion Deutschland Hilft: German body for donations

Shigeru Ban: his team is preparing paper partitions for shelters.  We wish to support this and are asking if they have European account in Paris, as banks charge rather high fees to tranfer to Japanese bank.

Tomoko was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit Japan, but flew back to London on Sunday.  She is proud of the orderly and civilised response of Japan's citizens, and of the many people already beginning recovery work.

Here we are praying for the safety of people and the rescue efforts by a number of international organizations, and thinking what we can do to help the situation.  Thank you to friends and business associates who are sending Tomoko heart warming messages.





apple: iTune Storeにてアメリカ赤十字を通じて寄付を受付中





photo: Kanako Nose / from a temple in Tibet, where people are praying '7th day prayers' for lost lives may rest in peace.



May God ( all Gods and Goddess ) hear our prayers.