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GlassLab @Vitra Design Museum

Friday 29 July 2011 Seminar & Workshop

Tomoko Azumi and Barbara Etter took part in GlassLab, open air workshop in front of the Vitra Design Museum, during the Art Basel in June. 

Silent @KCUA in Kyoto

Friday 8 July 2011 Everyday

A charity exhibition 'Silent @KCUA' for Tohoku stricken area by Tsunami, organised by an art gallery of Kyoto City University of Art has started.  Silent auction - bidding to a piece of work not knowing who is the artist, both at the gallery and on-line is closed coming Sunday 10 July.  Includes Yayoi Kusama and Kenji Yanobe's works, there are about 800 pieces donated by students, teachers and graduates of the university.