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Charity Box for Japan, in Geneva

Wednesday 28 September 2011 Launch & Exhibition

The touring exhibition of Charity Box for Japan in Geneva is still opened - another week to go, until 5 October. 

The show is sponsored by No Mad, location is at Intercloisons showroom, 19 rue de l'Arquebuse, Geneva.

This exhibition started in Milano during the Salone del Mobile this April.  58 designers designed a charity box each, using creativity to help raise funds.  With the warm support of visitors, the show raised 7,803 Euro, which was forwarded to two prefectures which were damaged most severely by the tsunami.

Our design for this exhibition is a birdhouse charity box, which gives you a little song when you push money ( rolled-up note is the best! ) through the round entrance.

ミラノ在住の菰田和世氏を中心に企画され、サローネ期の3日間で7,803ユーロの義援金を日本に送ったこの募金箱デザインの展示会が、イタリアでの7月の巡回展を経て、アート・デザイン誌『No Mad』の招待によりジュネーブので開催されます。この展示会には58人のデザイナーが参加し「未曾有の事態にデザインは何が出来るか?」という問いへのひとつの回答を示しました。



場所: Intercloisons ショールーム/19 rue de l'Arquebuse, Geneva

Resonace, RCA/YAMAHA project

Monday 19 September 2011 Seminar & Workshop

'Resonance' is an exhibition at Chappell of Bond Street - results of half a year project between 5 Design Products students at Royal College of Art and YAMAHA, Japanese musical instruments and sports equipment company.

Theme was to explore how design can assist musical experience according to the word 'Resonance'.  Tomoko Azumi has invoilved in setting up brief, together with Tord Boontje, the professor of Design Product, and Kunihiro Takei, director of YAMAHA Design Studio London.

5 Porjects are presented there and each designer will do their demonstration at 6pm tomorrow, 20 September 2011.

''The Human Speaker'' by Nicholas Wallenberg
''Music Within'' by Petter Thörne and Youness Benali
''Public Resonance'' by Sam Weller
''Touch the Sound'' by Lingjing Yin
''The Cisum Music'' by Anton Alvarez

exhibition: until 24 September 2011
venue: Chappell of Bond Street ( not on the Bond Street... )

Details of thees projects are now featured in Blueprint magazine Issue 307 ( October 2011 ) and AXIS magazine fron Japan, vol. 153 ( Octoebr 2011).

Patan in ‘Director’s Cut’

Sunday 18 September 2011 Launch & Exhibition

As a part of featured area at 100% Design, Patan is selected for the Director's Cut exhibition.

Patan is for Zilio A&C in Italy, launched this year at the Salone del Mobile in Milano.  A comfortable dining chair with generous back and little elbow resting arms.  This chair is for everyday use, and foldable when you wish to make space or move them somewhere else.  Of course they are saving space and energy when in transportation too.

Date: 22-25 September 2011
Venue: The Director's Cut at 100% Design
Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Warwick Road, London SW5 9TA

Patan is featured in dwell magazine, September 2011 issue 09.




デザイン見本市100% Designに今年から、キュレーターの選んだ家具の展示コーナー『Director's Cut』が登場します。会場を入ってまっすぐ進んだ中央広場です。この春にZilio A&Cから発表したダイニングチェアー『Patan』がそこに選ばれ展示されます。


『Patan』はアメリカのデザイン雑誌 dwell 誌 2011年9月号に掲載されています。