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A talk at Doodle Bar, 21 June

Wednesday 20 June 2012 Seminar & Workshop

Tomoko Azumi is taking part in a talk in London on 21 June. 



Four practices from London and Tokyo are exchanging their ideas, experiences and processes - across borders.  Ryo Abe, a leading architect from Tokyo, supported by Will Alsop & All Design, initiated this stimulating talk and discussion. Abe has invited Studio Weave, a multi cultural studio in London, whilst his old friend Tomoko Azumi, interior and furniture designer, has invited Max Lamb, a global product designer, to extend the diversity of debate.  Grant Gibson, chief editor of CRAFT magazine, is moderating the session with a view to examining where 'crossing borders' is heading.

venue: Doodle Bar, 33 Parkgate Road, London SW11 4NP
start: 7.30 pm, 21 June 2012
free entry

Speaker's detail and map to the venue are attached below.

東京からLondon Festival for Architectureのためにロンドンを訪れる安部良氏と一緒にトークをやります。場所はデザイナーや建築家が集まるところとして知られるDoodle Bar。4組のデザイナーの20分ずつのスライドショーの後、全員でのセッションもあります。


Church Chair design shortlisted

Wednesday 6 June 2012 Launch & Exhibition

Our submission for the Church Chair Design Competition run by the Church of England and the Church Buildings Council has shortlisted for final 5.  All the names of designers and a few images of designs are shown on design week online.

Prototypes will be exhibited at one of their churches in London on 14 June.  Press view is available by request - please refer a pdf attached below, for contacting detail.

英国国教会の『教会の椅子デザインコンペ』に応募していたわたしたちのデザインが、最終選考の5脚に選ばれました。ファイナリストに残った他の4組にはテレンス・コンラン卿も入っていて、design weekのオンライン記事に画像も載っています。