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Friday Late at V&A

Thursday 21 February 2013 Seminar & Workshop

Tomoko is giving a talk about two pieces of furniture in the beautiful new Furniture Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, as part of the Friday Late Talk series.  It starts at 18.30 in the gallery, with her contribution commencing at 19.50. Further details are below, and other speakers include designer Terence Woodgate and gallerist Libby Sellers. Admission free.


The first piece she is talking about is Table=Chest, her own design from 1995.  The second talk is on a Chinese chair from the Ming Dynasty - Tomoko is willing to share what she has learnt about this iconic chair from 17th century with you.

ヴィクトリア&アルバート・ミュージアムの「Friday Late」では、金曜の夜に美術館全体が10時までオープンし、さまざまなイベントが催されます。その一つとして、昨年秋にオープンしたV&Aの家具ギャラリーにて『The Secret Life of Furniture』と題されたトークが企画され、デザイナーやキュレーターなどが展示されている中から選んだ家具について話します。


V&A Friday Late: The Secret Life of Furniture
Friday Late program and other speakers are in the pdf below.

Potato lunch

Tuesday 5 February 2013 Everyday

Our latest intern Marie has cooked shredded potatos dish. 


For four: 4 potatoes, two spoonful of flour, an egg, a shredded onion, a piece of garlic and solt & pepper.  Squeeze to get rid of water from potato, before press against heated pan.