Portfolio Case Study

J+I Aperitif set

Nason Moretti, 2013

"traditional decoration, hidden hospitality"




hand blown glass


Water glass: Ø 80 / H 160 mm
Martini glass: Ø 85 / H 110 mm
Olive bowl: Ø 150 / H 70 mm

As a part of J+I project, this set was designed to bring artisan's technique to our everyday life.

A set of glasses for Aperitifs, an expression of hospitality using the traditional method of Murano glass decoration – ‘Murrina’ (decorative glass canes).  The pattern in the base of the vessels is incorporated into the molten material, before the glass is hand-blown in a mould.  They are made one by one – the art of minerals and fire – cultivated during the long history of fine Venetian glass-making.

“J+I” is a project between Italian traditional craftsman and 6 Japanese designers.

For this J+I Collection, we have been learning materials and characteristics of their techniques through conversation with skilled crafts people, in order to find our unique view points for this project.  We wish our Japanese approaches could result a group of objects, which are extending the market of the traditional crafts.  We are willing to grow this project to a collection of products, which evokes quality of craftsmanship and celebrate user’s daily life.


J+I blog for other items in the collection and report of work in progress.







J+I ブログにて、他の作品や制作過程、サローネでの市街展示のようすをご覧いただけます。