Portfolio Case Study

Carry Stool

Ishinomaki Laboratory, 2013

"carry them out with your picnic food - then sit down off the ground, if lawn is not dry"




W 430 / D 140  / H 200 mm


Carry Stool is a set of stacking stools, which can be upturned and used as a carrying container or tray. 

For a picnic - you can put food, drink and glasses in the container, for taking them outdoors.  You may use them as stools if the ground is wet, or if you sit on dry grass, you can use them as little tables.

For gardening - you may carry your tools to where you work, then you upturn it to use as a stool and sit off the ground, in a better position for your knees.  Harvest fruits and vegetables and take them from the garden, too.

Ishinomaki Laboratory was started right after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011 - a volunteer team made and assisted to make benches and stools for people who live in temporary houses after they lost their homes in Tsunami.  The Laboratory has been growing since - employing local people, adding new items and now their products are sold in design shops in Tokyo and Paris.

In June 2016, a shop called Tohoku Standard was openes in Sendai Parco2 bulding, and a large number of Carry Stools are used for display shelves.  Designed by Keiji Ashizawa and his team, Carry Stool are stack up, connected and wired with LED light.








2016年には、仙台PARCO2内にオープンした「東北スタンダードマーケット」の店舗什器として、Carry Stoolがたくさん使われました。芦沢啓治建築設計事務所のデザインによる店舗で、照明を組み込んだ展示棚になりました。