Portfolio Case Study


TEN, 2010

Its proper name is;


''Use off cuts and twigs, make your coatrack''




hardwood flooring board
Brass brackets

size: varied by what you find

This is DIY project for TEN-Plans, the 5th group exhibition to TEN - think sustainability and design.

The concept of the exhibition is to design instructions, to encourage people to make objects and think about sustainability through that activity. 

We presented this coat rack and suggest people;
- to reclaim used or offcut floor boards
- to go to park or forest to find nice twig
- to enjoy touching real materials
- to talk about it when you complete


Do download the instruction (for free) and enjoy.
Plan download


9 more objects to make yourself at;
TEN plan website


It would be great if you send picture of what you made, and also give our project a donation when you enjoy.  We are now working on a book to record our 5 years of group activities of TEN.


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