Portfolio Case Study

Hankyu Tokyo shop

Harrys of London, 2011

'To deliver client's high craftsmanship.'



Co-designed by Tomoko Azumi and Barbara Etter

shop in a department store;
design and supervision of construction

Hankyu Mens Tokyo
Yurakucho 2-5-1, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-8488, Japan


Kevin Martel of Harrys of London
Aoi Co. Ltd., Tokyo
Nomura Kogeisha, Tokyo


approx floor size:
3,600 x 3,300 mm

display & storage shelves:
timber with glass shelves

central display unit:
timber, MDF and leather


Opened in October 2011, this is the Harrys of London's first Asian shop in a newly refurbished basement of Hankyu Mens Tokyo.

The project aims to reflect the fine crafsmanship of the client's products, whilst delivering charactor of this UK based brand to their new customers in Tokyo.  Our concept was to bring masculine, yet elegant colours into their display and make the central display unit a multifunctional furniture, combining seating, cashing facilities as well as storage of shopping bags - even an ottoman is cased within.


other project for Harrys of London:
Burlington Arcade shop


紳士靴の Harrys of London のアジア一号店として2011年10月にオープンした東京有楽町の阪急百貨店メンズ館地下の店舗です。