Portfolio Case Study

J+I Shift

Riva 1920, 2013

"stool x materiality"




W 650 / D 400 / H 400 mm


solid Ceder

This stool displays its materiality.  It is designed as if the wood is sliced and then shifted – the real purpose of the shape is to connect more than one stool in a row, or to enable placing of them for corner seating.  For outdoor use, the grooves are tapered to allow rainwater to run off.

This stool is a part of Stool Collection by Riva 1920 - many designers and architects take part in to design stools in the same condition.


このスツールはRiva 1920のスツール・コレクションの一部として発注が可能です。スツールコレクションには、多くのデザイナーが建築家が同じ条件で削り出すスツールをデザインしています。