Portfolio Case Study

Joy of Living

Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, 2011

"What is Joy of Living?"




graph paper
rubber curved stamps
tracing paper
envelope paper

size: A4 x 3

titles of each piece:

location of exhibition:
Great Arch lobby at Somerset House
Strand, London WC2R 1LA

exhibition dates:
15-21 March 2011

'Joy of Living' was a charity project which Max Fraser has organised. Over 100 designers took part to support Maggies Cancer Caring Centre.  All the exhibits were for sale at the price of £250 each and until one buys a piece, the name of the creater were not revealed.

Concept for this piece was to let viewers think what's are really important thing in your life - making three compositions of type of conversations between people.  Also I wished to show 'joy of making' by exhibiting result of hand cut rubber stamps - primitive and enjoyable.

I would thank to a person who visited this exhibition and bought this set of pieces, to support this fund raising campaign.

Alongside to this exhibition, Guardian.co.uk had featured the funder of Maggie's Centre, Maggie Keswick Jencks, the story about why she and her family started this project, that "helps people to build a life beyond cancer, helping to manage the impact of a diagnosis of cancer and to live with hope and determination".

All the exhibited pieces are shown at Joy of Living website.


『Joy of Living』展はキュレーターのマックス・フレーザーが企画したチャリティー展覧会で、作品の売り上げは末期がん患者のサポートを目的に設立されたマギーズ・キャンサー・ケアセンターへ寄付されました。100人以上のデザイナーが寄贈したすべての展示品は250ポンド均一で、誰の作品なのかは手に入れるまでわからない、という趣向でした。

展示会会期中にGuardianオンラインにマギーズ・キャンサー・ケアセンターが生まれた経緯と設立者マギーの記事が載りました。「死と背中合わせになった時でも生きる喜び(Joy of Living)を忘れないでいられる環境を」というセンターの目標に呼応した展示会テーマです。









2011年 3月 15-21日