Portfolio Case Study

Lab Craft

Crafts Council, 2010

'evoking exhibition concept and designing mobility'



design of touring exhibition for Crafts Council

1st exhibition at TENT London, September 2010
about 170 square meters

display unit: steel legs and MDF, PMMA sheet

exhibition curator: Max Fraser
graphic design: OPX
intro panel digital fabrication: Metropolitan Works
display unit fabrication: Amos Marchant

All photos by Sophie Mutevelian.

Designed as a touring exhibition for British galleries, Lab Craft is a showcase of digital adventure in contemporary craft.  The exhibition features 26 makers who combine the hand, mind and eye, technical mastery of tools and material and aesthetic sensibility, with cutting-edge digital technologies.

To reflect the theme of the exhibition, we designed three types of display units for a variety of objects.  In order to lift the objects and invite light around them, we used PMMA sheets, which are nornally used as insulation materials. Units are designed to be light weight, also to be dismounted and packed in a simple manner for touring purposes.


List of makers and touring schedule are shown at Lab Craft website.

Anther project for Crafts Council;
Table Manners, 2005


英国工芸協会(Crafts Counci )の企画展示として、巡回の可能な展示ユニットをデザインし空間構成も手がけました。

Lab Craft』展は最新のデジタル技術と工芸の融合を紹介するために、ジャーナリストのマックス・フレーザーによってキュレーションされた企画で、26人のデザイナーと工芸家の作品を展示しそれを支えるデジタル・ラボの設備などを映像で紹介しています。



展示者のリストとツアー予定はLab CraftsのHPにて。

Table Manners, 2005