Portfolio Case Study

Misty Lounge

Crafts Council, 2000

One of three rooms under Tectonic exhibition curated by Crafts Council, London

W 6,000 / D 11,000 / H 2,800 mm

Light screen wall, suspended bungee cords, Wire Frame furniture, hanging halogen lamp

It was an installation of room setting, which are routed by suspended bungee cord walls, cuts across and woven up Wire Frame furniture series. 

There were two tones in light, switched automatically.  When the long both walls are lit, by lines of fluorescent tubes behind opaque screens, all the lines are strongly visible and furniture dissapear in mist.  When the atmospher turned dark and sole light source swing at the bottom of the room, objects in the room are prominent by their shadows.

We tried to blur bounderies between space and objects, question our believe on visibilitiy.

Wire Frame Furniture was self-produced until 2000, one of them and making shadow in the second image is Wire Frame Stool=Shelf;

powder coated steel
plastic coated steel

single stool: W 350 / D 240 / H 390
shelf by 3: W 400 / D 350 / H 660