Portfolio Case Study

Nesting tables

nextmaruni, 2005

''Table top to be merged to space''




Oak and bead blasted mirror

D 550mm / H 500, 600 & 700mm


photo: Yoneo Kawabe

A set of three side tables, nesting on top of each other within footprint of one. The table-top is a frosted mirror and they reflect a vague image of what is on it, as well as its surrounding.

Designed for nextmaruni, a new collection for Wooden furniture manufacturer Maruni, of Hiroshima, Japan.  They can carve material by CNC machine, then joint parts and carve again.  Trying to use this industrialized but highly skilled craftsmanship.  The result is a mono-structure with delicate sections, and a shift in shape from top to bottom of the legs.  

nextmaruni website



広島に本社のある㈱マルニ木工が立ち上げたレーベル「nextmaruni」のためにデザインしたサイドテーブルです。50 cm、60 cm、70 cmの3種類の高さのテーブルはnextmaruniシリーズのダイニングチェアーやラウンジチェアーの脇役として寄り添うよう高さです。必要に応じて3つのテーブルを重ね、小さな面積に収納しておけます。