Portfolio Case Study

Raw Craft

Crafts Council, 2012

"display tables to make exhibits most prominent and flat pack for touring"



Design of display tables and information panels for a touring exhibition 'Raw Craft: fine thinking in contemporary furniture', curated by Crafts Council, together with Brent Dzekciorius and Michael Marriott.


1st exhibition was held at COLLECT, Saachi Gallery in London, 11-14 May 2012.


Graphic design:
Turnbull Grey

The brief which was given by Crafts Council was clear - this exhibition stand and space should be designed;

1. ro reflect concept of the show and make exhibits look good
2. to provide safety and security of exhibition
3. to ease dismount, re-assemble for the future touring exhibitions

So, our solution was simple - using linoleum for display surface to have calm and non-reflective stage for objects, then support the table top with discreet yet finely made wooden frames, which allow exhibition set ups smooth and easy.

photo: Sophie Mutevelian
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