Portfolio Case Study

Reclaimed Rooftile Birdhouse

t.n.a, 2009

"old odd roof tiles for feathery friends' home"



reclaimed roof top tile
Pine wood, laser engraved & cut

tall ( Georgian ) for Blue Tit & Robin:
W 230 / D 170 / H 270 mm

small ( Victorian ) for Wren:
W 230 / D 170 / H 220 mm

bird feeder:
W 240 / D 190 / H 340 mm


You can buy them on-line.
Georgian birdhouse
Victorian birdhouse

For 4th year of collaborative exhibition TEN, we designed birdhouse and bird feeder for common garden birds.

Since 2006 TEN has been showing pieces born from discussions over Design & Sustainability, between 10 designers.  This year we had Metropolitan Works as an exhibition partner, we tried to seek possibilities between digital tachnology and sustainability. 

When we found that energy consumed by digital toolings are substantially hight, we decided to use them to reclaim material, which is wasted otherwise.  Also seeked to do more than one job out of single machine run. Large and heavy roof-top tiles are cut in appropriate size to use. The facades of them refer to Victorian houses to appreciate history of the roof tile. Those patterns are engraved at the same time when the board is cut via laser cutter, to reduce manufacturing processes.

It is crucial to clean a birdhouse every winter to welcome birds again in spring - it is easy with this birdhouse as you remove roof tile, which is just sitting on with its weight.


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「TEN」プロジェクトはデザイナー10人が集まり、100% Designにてデザインとサステナブル(持続可能性)との共存を探ろうとする試みです。スタジオから10キロ以内で見つけた廃材に10ポンドだけ費用をかけて『サステナブルについて話すことを呼びかけるオブジェクト』を作った1年目(2006年)、10人が10個のオブジェを通して会話の幅を広げようとした2年目(2007年)、デザインショップをパートナーに『持続可能性を真ん中に据えた商品開発』を試みた3年目(2008年)を経て、今年はデジタル技術ラボであるMetropolitan Worksがパートナーになり、先端デジタル技術とサステナブルの共存について考えました。




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Transport Lamp (2008)
Napkin Rings (2007)
Tinned Localities (2006)