Portfolio Case Study

Remains of The Light

Sfera, 2008


Paper and light installation at 2nd floor gallery space of Sfera, 17 May - 24 June 2008.

W 6,000 / D 12,000 / H 2,500 mm

Little Woods:
W 250 / D 120 / H 240 mm

Glow Lamp:
∅ 300 / H 400 mm

Space was designed for the launch of a pendant lamp 'Little Woods' and prototype of 'Glow Lamp' both by Maxray, Japan.  Paper is sponsored by Takeo, Japan.  The paper shade of Little Woods is made of 'Pachika', a special paper which turns semi-transparent when heat press is applied. 

Exhibition room is devided into three spaces;

Beside the entrance, ascreen with cut outs evokes basic concept of the series of lamps, to recreate the feeling of walking in a forest with low light coming through the trees.

Hanging installation of Pachika paper shows effect of this paper and techunique, as well as playing with light and shadow of layers of paper.

Dark room behind the wall shows effect of Phosphorescent twigs, which glows after the lamp is switched off, then you take a twig with you to walk in darkness to bed room.