Portfolio Case Study

Restaurant Argo Chair

Restaurant Argo, 2005

''Classical chair with contemporary comfort''



A set of 7 items originally designed for Argo, a French cuisine restaurant in Tokyo.  Overall interior design and refurbishment scheme was done by Yukiharu Takematsu & E.P.A.


Given brief for the dining chair was 'classical'.  We started to look at roots of chairs, as well as Ming dynasty chairs from China, which gave inspiration to Scansinavian furniture in 20th century.  Our conclusion was to give language between original Ming chair and Scandinavian translation.  Also this chair has correct posture for eating position, especially comfortable for matured customers.

The chairs are manufactured by Arflex Japan.


Other artists participate the project;
Nancy Lorenz: panels and partitions
Ritsue Mishima: Glass objects
Jess Shaw: Floating Light