Portfolio Case Study

Ro-Ro rocking chair

Zilio A&C, 2007

steam bent Beech wood
Beech veneered plywood
stainless steel

W560 / D620 / H660 mm

Ro-Ro is the first project we worked with Zilio A&C.

It is a rocking chair made from steam bent beech. The front legs and rocking runners share the same curve, and the arm & backrest is formed from a single piece of solid timber.

Zilio A&C is located near Udine, centre of Italian chair industry for years, has been supplying good quality wooden parts for Italian big players for more than 70 years.  Since the recent shift of manufacturing front to Eastern Europe and far East, this local network of factories has been struggling to servive.  I met a young successor of a factory, who is now trying to set up an own brand, then started a project to rescure their fine tradition of wood bending, which is brought to their area when it was a part of Austria.

contact: Zilio A&C

UK dealer: Rocket Gallery, on display!


related article: Blueprint vol.266, May 2008 issue / p102-104



Zilio A&Cはイタリアの有名メーカーの下請けを70年以上続けているウーディネ近郊の木工場ですが、近年メーカーが製造を旧東欧諸国や中国などに移しているため、閉鎖に追い込まれる下請け工場が続出し、椅子の製造で成り立っていた地域の経済が衰退しはじめています。その事態をどうにかしようと3代目の社長がレーベルを起こし、デザイナーと組んでオリジナルの家具を作り始めたのが2005年。「Ro-Ro」ロッキングチェアはその試みのひとつとして、かつてオーストリアの一部でもあったこの地域の伝統であるスチーム曲げ木の工場と組み、この技術を継承しようと開発したデザインです。


問い合わせ:Zilio A&C 
ロンドンではRocket Galleryにて常時展示販売しています。