Portfolio Case Study

Square Moon

2PM, 2005

'As if layers of paper contains light'



parchment paper
polycarbonate structure


W 240 / D 240 / H 340 mm


Product of Stamp Creative

The name of this product came from 2PM's original brief - to create a Paper Moon. Our concept was simple, to hang sheets of paper and let the diffused light come out through the layers.  You can enjoy the gentle movement of light when you touch the paper or when the wind blows this lamp shade.

This product is flat packed and as slim as a note pad when it is sold.  We designed the package as well, to be used for putting up the shade and housing the light bulb.

Until 2008 this product was exclusively available at Habitat. In 2010 it is back to the market and it is now available on-line, too.

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『四角い月』という名前は2005年に商品が発表された時のプロジェクト名『Paper Moon』に由来しています。吊した紙の隙間から光が漏れ、風がふいたり手で軽く触ると、紙がゆらゆら動き光の変化を楽しめます。


2008年まではハビタの各店のみの独占販売でしたが、2010年にStamp Creativeからの販売が再開されました。

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