Portfolio Case Study

Transport Lamp

TEN, 2008

solid Beech wood / Osmo wax
Tyvek shade
( High Density Polyethylene / HDPE )
metal bracket
Edison E27 lamp holder for 220-240W

W 300 / D 240 / H 580 mm

This is a portable lamp for bedside, decked terrace or wherever you want a light. It is a simply instructed flat pack kit. The self-assembly forms the user's contribution to reduce CO2, as every cubic volume is crucial for fuel saving during the goods transportation.

This lamp is designed for the third year of TEN exhibition at 100% Design 2008.  Ten independent designers formed TEN in 2006, then welcomed Twentytwentyone as our commercial partner in 200, as we aimed to push our sustainable approach commercially viable.  At the moment this product is still prototype, but will be for sale in the future.  The exhibition at 100% Design was funded by Crafts Council and whole show will be touring to various venunes in the UK.

More information of the project TEN, please visit http://tenproject.wordpress.com.

For press request, please contact Crafts Council;
Jill Read: +44 20 7806 2549

Twentytweytyone link is here.


othere projects for TEN;
Reclaimed Rooftile Birdhouse (2009)
Napkin Rings (2007)
Tinned Localities (2006)


2006年の100% Design展のためにロンドン在住の10人のデザイナーが結成した「TEN」というグループで、サステナブル(持続可能性)とデザインの関係を考える展示を毎年行っています。

このランプはその3年目の企画の「サステナブルを実践する商品」としてデザインしたもので、ヨーロッパで生産されるブナ材とパーツを使い、出来る限りコンパクトな包装を目指した照明器具です。ロンドンのメーカー兼ショップtwentytwentyoneと組んで商品としての開発が進んでいて、2009年9月の100% Design Londonにて発売される予定です。



Reclaimed Rooftile Birdhouse (2009)
Napkin Rings (2007)
Tinned Localities (2006)