Director / Designer

Tomoko Azumi

Born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1966, Tomoko Azumi trained as an architect at Kyoto City University of Arts (1985-89 BA Environmental Design ) before working for an architectural practice in Tokyo.  She later studied Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art (1993-95 MA RCA). 

Following a ten year partnership of AZUMI, Tomoko Azumi opened t.n.a. Design Studio in 2005.  Since its start, t.n.a. Design Studio has been working with UK, European and Japanese clients to design furniture and products, as well as retail, office and exhibition spaces, including interior and furniture designs for the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom,

< permanent collection in public museums >

Victoria & Albert Museum, UK
Geffrye Museum, UK
Stedelijk Museum, Holland
Crafts Council, UK
Brighton Museum, UK
Manchester Art Galleries UK

< teaching >

2002 - 2016
workshop teacher at Vitra Design Museum Summer Workshops, Boisbuchet, France

2005 - 2011
Project tutor on Design Products MA, Royal College of Art, UK

2006 - 2007
Research fellow at London Metropolitan University

2014 - 2015
Project tutor of Interior Design MA, Royal College of Art, UK

External Critic of Design Products MA, Royal College of Art, UK

< jury member of design awards >

2008 - 2012
Member of jury, Good Design Awards, JIDP, Japan

Member of selecting board, 100% Design London

2010 - 2011
Member of jury, imm Köln Furniture Fair Design Awards, Germany

Member of jury, D&AD Design Awards, UK

Member of jury, Student Design Awards, Taiwan



1966年広島生まれ。京都市立芸術大学デザイン科環境デザイン学科にて建築を学び1989年卒業。東京の設計事務所に勤務ののち渡英、1995年にRoyal College of Art 家具科を卒業。ロンドンにてユニットAzumiでの10年間の活動ののち、2005年にt.n.a. Design Studioを設立、現在に至る。

t.n.a. Design Studioでは家具、ブロダクト、商業インテリア、展示会の構成などのデザインを手がける。2009年に完成した英国の最高裁判所の裁判室と判事のオフィスの家具は、それまでの家具産業と職人との共労の結果として生まれた。

その他の活動として、2005-2011年にRoyal College of Art, Design Products科の講師、2006-2007年にLondon Metropolitan Universityでリサーチ・フェロー、2008-2012年にグッドデザイン賞の選考委員、2009年にロンドンの100% Design選考委員、2010-2011年にケルン家具見本市のデザイン賞の選考委員、2012年にD&ADプロダクトデザイン部門の選考委員などをつとめる。



Namuun Zimmermann
Joined t.n.a. Design Studio in March 2016. Namuun received an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London in 2015.  She has formed a design collective team called Common Initiative and carrying projects.


Associating Designers

James Cadogan
Member of t.n.a. Design Studio 2012 - 2016. James runs his own practice in East London, and continues to support t.n.a. Design Studio in product developments.  He received an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London in 2012.

Yasuyuki Sakurai
Member of t.n.a. Design Studio 2005 - 2011. Yasuyuki is a director of Mentsen, and continues to support t.n.a. Design Studio in product developments.

Barbara Etter
Member of t.n.a. Design Studio 2005 - 2012. Barbara is a director of Volta Project since August 2012 whilst still remaining involved in a few projects at t.n.a. Design Studio.  She received Eidgenössisch Dipl. Designer FH at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Zurich in 2004.

Maiko Tsutsumi
Member of t.n.a. Design Studio 2005 - 2012. Maiko currently runs MA Designer Maker at Camberwell College of Arts and is a research fellow of t.n.a. Design Studio.



Oscar Rainbird-Chill  3-6/2017
Alvin Chan  1-2/2017
Nathan Hopkin  12/2016-2/2017
Evanne Kok  10/2016
Davide Puccio  7-10/2016
Porntida Kruapat  4-6/2016
Yurii Kasao 1 0-11/2015
Federica Annacondia  2-7/2015
Isis Cocco  10-12/2014
Li-Hsin Liang  7-9/2014
Daniel Jackson  4-6/2014
Jutta Gößl  1-4/2014
Zak Stratfold 1 2/2013-1/2014
Yerin Do  7-10/2013
Kirstin Overbeck  4-7/2013
Marie Douel  1-4/2013
Rebecca Loaíza  10-12/2012
Gil Müller  6-9/2012
Katharina Eisenköck  5-8/2012
Scarlet Allenspach  5/2012
Vincent Fan  1-4/2012
Theresa Lusser  6-8/2011
Tim Bouckley  2-5/2011
Jessica Jones 10-11/2010
James Cadogan  7-9/2010
Wilma Pingel  4-6/2010
Jacob Kisker  1-3/2010
Jennifer Rieker  10-12/2009
Leila Chouikh  7-9/2009
Maite del Mundo  4-6/2009
Anne Schiffer  1-3/2009
Wendy Chua  7-9/2008
Helena Jonasson  4-7/2008
Nina Hausammann  1-3/2008
Nic Wallenberg  10-12/2007
Thorunn Arnadottir  7-9/2007
Alice Lasaga  4-8/2007
Pierric Verger  2-4/2007
Theodore Richardson  10-12/2006
Sam Wingate  7-9/2006
Stefan Mathys  4-7/2006
Machiko Yanagi  11/2005-2/2006
Karin Lehmann  9-11/2005
Tim Yeoh  6-9/2005


Studio photo: Yasunori Shimomura